Biden: Sanctions On Russian Pipeline Nord Stream 2 “Counterproductive”


The Left tells us President Trump colluded with Russia, is a Russian asset and Putin’s pet regardless of the fact they had NO evidence to prove this theory and his policies, sanctions, actually hurt Russia. Meanwhile we’re stuck with the illegitimate individual occupying the White House who is bending over backwards for Russia as we saw with him reversing sanctions for their Nord Stream pipeline that the old kook claims was “counterproductive”…


So who is the Russian puppet? NOT Trump!

If sanctioning Russia’s pipeline was “counterproductive,” then what do you call pulling the plug on America’s Keystone XL pipeline???

The senile old guy took the US from being oil dominant to now oil dependent, ceding that economic power to one of America’s biggest foes!

Hey dems, when you pay more at the pump just remember you wanted this, and that goes double for the stuck fake NeverTrump republicans.