Rand Paul: Fauci “Dishonest From the Beginning,” Committed Perjury


Rand Paul continues his crusade against Dr Fauci who, as Paul says, ‘has been dishonest from the beginning’ of the “pandemic” showing no consistency on any of the policies he pushed.
You don’t need a mask – Wear a mask… wear two!
Virus didn’t come from a lab – Well it’s possible the virus came from a lab

Paul continued that the tool of the democrat party also committed perjury when he spoke to Congress. Here he explains the study (THIS SITE WAS FIRST to post BEFORE all media in March 2020) where the researchers cite the NIH in the Acknowledgments section, which is under Fauci, for supporting/ funding their research!


Fauci knew everything, and tried to play dumb, but it’s right there in black and white for the world to see.
The question people need to be asking is what does he get out of all of this? How has he profited?

This is where Paul needs to focus his attention now. Find out who the fraud has been talking to and what he got in return for pushing the lies, constant misinformation and encouraging an unnecessary lockdown.