Someone in the illegitimate regime posted this statement to the individual occupying the White House official and personal twitter accounts…

Whoever wrote the tweet also wrote the old guys, script from today where he again demonstrated his authoritarianism

Who in the hell do these people think they are making this declaration?

I WILL NOT TAKE AN UNTESTED, EXPERIMENTAL vaccine for a bug that has a 99.99% survival rate for relatively healthy ppl. I was sick from the end of Dec 2019 into mid Jan 2020 with what appeared as a moderate flu. It wasn’t a cold and it wasn’t the flu it was something I NEVER HAD before. When the month long headache, coughing, slight fever and faint body aches went away I was literally wiped out for at least 2 weeks. I had fatigue like I never had before (in tie this would be a signature trait of covid), and the word at the time from people who did see their doctor was “a strange virus is going around”. By the end of Jan into Feb the headlines started rolling in about a virus coming out of China. So I had covid, I have antibodies theres no logical reason to take the vaccine… an argument Sen Johnson has made, but has been viciously attacked over!


READ (I mean it) the replies to this thread, you’ll see MANY people had the same experience, some as early as late Oct into Nov 2019 (I was one of responders, but my comment is gone because twitter terminated my personal account)

YES, some healthy people did get the bug and die, JUST AS HEALTHY PEOPLE IN YEARS PAST HAVE GOTTEN THE SEASONAL FLU AND DIED!! There are those random acts of nature that defy reason and logic. FACT the majority of people who have died from covid had 2-3 PRE-EXISTING health conditions, PER THE CDC, that the virus, LIKE ANY ILLNESS, exasperated causing their death.

“200K Dead Milestone Reached” Numbers Haven’t Changed, ONLY 6% of Deaths Are Solely From Covid!

The lockdown, orders to wear masks, people to more or less be isolated is a complete slap in the face to SCIENCE and allowing nature to take its course. This man and whomever is pulling his strings has NO RIGHT to issue this statement.

The SCIENCE is not in on this “vaccine” either. You all do understand it was rammed through in less than a year, via Emergency Use Authorization, without any testing. Most vaccines take 3-5 years until researchers have enough data to make a decision to go or not.

And lets be honest it’s not really a vaccine since people were still being required to social distance, wear a mask and get additional shots… it’s a flu shot. No? Well I don’t recall people having to any of this nonsense, getting sick again or even dying from when they got the chicken pox, small pox, measles or polio vaccines! THEY are legit vaccines, this covid thing IS NOT, as people are still getting covid after taking this “vaccine”, some have experienced vary bad side effects and there are big questions as to what it does to your DNA, or what you can transmit after taking it!!

How will one determine if someone got the “vaccine”? Only unhinged UNEDUCATED and terrorized people from the daily propaganda are willing to get the shot as well have their papers. Talk of vaccine passports/ID’s is being shot down across the country where liberty is still welcome, people aren’t having it. The idea of labeling those who haven’t gotten the vaccine as anti-vaxxers or their not having a vax ID is similar to making Jews have a star on their clothing left to be shunned by maniacs.

I could go on and on, but in a nutshell My Body My Choice, I WILL NOT COMPY. The old guy and his handlers can all go to hell.