Trump Supporter Goes Off on Biden & Left in Epic Tirade

His handle is Semore Views, and while he curses up a storm, and with a backdrop of a long gas line he goes into an epic tirade against Biden, the Left and the people who support them that is absolutely 100% true!

Just watch it… especially when the fighter jets fly over!

[Static gets bad at several points but this vid is worth watching]

If you voted for Joe and dems YOU OWN the high gas, electric and food prices, illegals spilling over the border, little boys being turned into little girls, job loss, war in the middle east, tension with Russia etc.

We need more people like this guy speaking up red pilling as many Americans as possible. The 2020 election being stolen from Trump cannot be any more obvious at this point, like Semore says they didn’t want Trump to win because he was destroying everything they were building up.

[Yes, I downloaded the video and uploaded it to Rumble, because vids like this are exactly what the Left doesn’t want America to see.]