Fauci: COVID Exposed America’s Racism

The fraud of Fauci is now complete as he is now pulling the race card with covid that it has exposed America’s racism during a commencement speech to Emory Univ!!

Everything he lists here ALSO happens to whites and other minorities. All this little elf is doing is pouring gasoline on the fire racism his pals in the socialist party have started.

This CLOWN epitomizes all that is wrong with govt being in power for far too long and the highest paid above all of the swamp monsters including POTUS. While he may possess a doctorate he hasn’t had a patient in decades and he most definitely never practiced in sociology.

This should be the end of the fraudulent elf, but no the Left will keep him around because he empowers their tyrannical rule through covid.

America IS NOT a racist nation. If this were true why are 100’s of thousands of blacks, asians, hispanics, middle easterners doing everything possible to come here? What kind of lunatic would a minority be to risk being arrested and deported by entering a racist country!? That’s crazy, because it is not true.

The Left knows YOU coddle and cower in fear the moment they charge you being a racist. The majority of Americans ARE NOT racist, yes there are pockets of it but we’re talking a very small minuscule percentage. The only people who are racist are the ones constantly accusing others of being so. Just listen to them, their arguments against whites is in fact racist!

Leftists are a bunch of bullies, stop listening and bowing down to them when they call you a name.