CNN Host Calls to ‘Shun’ Friends & Family Who Haven’t Taken the EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine

CNN’s Michael Smerconish posted a video about the struggle to get to herd immunity citing a USA Today story that shunning people is the way to. Smerconish put it to a vote on his site where 73% agree as well as he that it’s time to shun your family, friends and co-workers into taking the covid vaccine, which for the record IS an experimental “vaccine”…

The covid “vaccine” WAS NOT put through its paces in clinical trials and testing to gain FDA approval like countless drugs and treatments. It is an experimental treatment rushed through the system for public use via Emergency Use Authorization, where the drug makers have been given immunity from any future liability.

How good/ effective of a vaccine is this since people are still being required to wear masks, social distance, get booster shots and that is doesn’t last long? This is not a true vaccine, it’s a flu shot because a real vaccine is a one time shot, or are people still getting the chickenpox and/or dying from smallpox and polio after getting those vaccines? Don’t recall anyone having to continue getting additional shots let alone wear a mask and social distance after these diseases!

If that doesn’t sink in maybe this will help??

Maybe this thread will help over how the Spike protein inhibits the body’s ability to fight off cancer!! This is the first I’ve heard of this risk, aside from the clotting etc, if it’s legit there is no way in hell I’ll ever take it.

Reasons said above Smerconish thinks those who rightfully object to getting the covid shot should be shunned. You wanna shun someone from getting a flu shot over a bug with a 99.99% survival rate for relatively healthy people then you have problems.

Zantac was a drug that went through all the testing, trials and FDA approvals. It went from prescription to over-the-counter in the span of 30+ years and now there are commercials to join a class action lawsuit because it causes cancer. 30 YEARS of use and we finally learn it’s dangerous, covid shot was developed and put into circulation in less than a year! You will see ads for covid suits like you see for Zantac and other meds. Not sure how far they’ll get since the makers have been given immunity.

So what do we do? Resist at all costs. Turn the tables on anyone who tries to shun people for not taking the shot, call them lab rats, test subjects, guinea pigs etc make them think twice about that junk in their system.