HHS Secretary Suggests Support For Laws Banning Unvaccinated People From Buildings

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra suggested people will support laws for vaccinations in the same way support grew for mandatory seat belt laws – “For Your Own Safety”

These monsters are more or less indirectly FORCING everyone to take an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. Sorry, I’m not interested in being a lab rat for something cooked up in less than a year and rammed through without any testing. Those of you who want it, God Bless, but I’m not doing it and there are millions of Americans who feel the same way. You cannot FORCE people to put something in their body, and that is what is now in play. Flattening the curve by wearing masks, being on lockdown has now become the more people on the vaccine the sooner we’re allowed to go back to normal life.

Herd immunity will happen if these SOB’s would get the F out of the way letting NATURE/ NATURAL SCIENCE take the wheel. Why are they denying the science backed up by history? Keeping people isolated, and acting like they live in a research clean-room is stifling our ability to develop natural immunity that has enabled humans to survive for millennia!

BTW this is NO vaccine when you have to wear a mask, social distance, get booster shots etc… IT’S A YEARLY FLU SHOT.. an UNTESTED one!