“200K Dead Milestone Reached” Numbers Haven’t Changed, ONLY 6% of Deaths Are Solely From Covid!


August 29th a Facebook post went viral over the number of people who have actually died from covid and as you would expect it was quickly taken down. The media and Big Tech were not happy and did everything they could to suppress the information. Today all of the media and pundits are talking of “200K dead milestone” being reached from the virus. It’s sad people are dying from this virus unleashed on the world by China (a clear act of biowarfare to trigger economic chaos) but the CDC numbers revealed in that Aug FAcebook post haven’t changed that much. The rate has remained steady, only 6% of the deaths reported are solely from the virus. That means 12,000 people, as far as we know in perfect health, caught the virus and died from it. The majority of people who have died, 94%, had 2-3 preexisting conditions the virus exasperates causing their death.

It’s all here directly from the CDC. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and all the other social media companies can try to sick their “fact checkers” on it but they would be calling the CDC liars!

Everyone who has been attacked over getting the truth out on this virus has been right. The media, big tech and anyone else engaged in silencing the other side on this virus are complicit with WRECKING the US economy… really the global economy, peoples businesses and jobs, the increased rate in all types of substance abuse (legal/illegal drugs, alcohol etc), spike in suicides, physical and mental abuse of old and young being cooped up in their homes with abusive family/caretakers.

The lockdown has prevented nature from taking it’s course which has allowed mankind to survive for millennia. The fact that we’ve been isolated has actually hurt us from building up our natural immunity to this bug like the countless others that are no longer a threat to man.

TAKE THE GOD DAMN MASKS OFF, stop keeping 6ft away from each other, go the gym, beach, parks, concerts, school, work… go back to your lives.

Based how it was handled, a HOAX like the President said, there was NEVER a need for the lockdown, threats /issuing of fines, jail time etc was all part of master plan to use this virus to control all of us and screw Donald Trump. People need to be held responsible starting with Fauci and working down the list to media hacks, and then the local tyrants who weaponized this virus. That all starts when you throw dems and RINO’s out of office re-electing Donald Trump and conservatives to restore this Republic this Nov.