Kamala Harris Agrees With Claim America is Founded on ‘Evils’


Kamala Harris unlike Joe Biden is not hiding in a basement, she was out in Detroit talking to voters where she took a question agreeing that America is founded on ‘racism, sexism and other evils.’

Yep the US is so racist a girl with a Jamaican father and Indian Mother ended up becoming an attorney, then CA’s Attorney General, then a US Senator and now VP candidate.

The video ends (but you can cont watching it) with KAMMY railing on Pres Trump for cutting race education program from all govt agencies. It was actually critical race theory which more or less is revisionist history painting white people in a bad light, we’re all racists, drunk with white privilege and all the marxist hate whitey nonsense you could imagine.

Harris going along with all of this should be a warning sign of what life will be like under a HARRIS/biden admin. White people will be treated far worse than they’re being treated right now where we should be ashamed for being born white…. as if we can control that. KAMMY and her racist marxist friends in BLM are driving this country to a fight like this country hasn’t seen before. It can be avoided by using your head than acting on feelings and voting for Trump/Pence. You do not want these monsters running the country, the attacks, riots, looting and RACISM against whites will increase 1000X.

Btw, she’s sitting 6 feet apart from the others, everyone is maintaining social distancing and this event is being held outdoors, there is NO need to wear those ridiculous masks for a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate. And from the looks of it, there’s not much of turnout for her either, which means very low risk!