Democrats Intro Protecting Our Democracy Bill to Seize Power From the President


This bill fails from it’s very inception because the US is NOT a democracy!

The democrats are again demonstrating how out of control and dangerous they have become proposing major reform package to curb presidential abuse. Why? Because Orange Man Bad, and the dems lost the 2016 election in a nutshell. Donald Trump has not abused his role as President because staunch conservative, many who backed Ted Cruz until the last minute would be the first ones to call him out.

In reality the democrats are mad that Trump beat them at every turn. They hate that he has used the very laws they have created to beat them at their own game. They speak in generalities, never citing actual crimes committed, most famously “Trump colluded with Russia”. Collusion IS NOT a crime, but because these monsters went on air day and night they have half the country believing so! This is what they do on every issue, they create an extreme out of the blue to blame the President and the GOP.

Another example is with covid, they say it’s the worst virus we’ve ever had! NO. The Spanish Flu of 1918, Ebola outbreak (in general at any time), the Plague of the 14th c. took out an estimated 50M people. The covid is just a really nasty strain of flu, yet the democrats have everyone acting as if it the Walking Dead or I Am Legend virus, or the Super-Flu from The Stand because they say it over and over again!

That said they keep acting like Trump is committing crimes but they NEVER spell them out, assuming you’re so stupid to believe their every and won’t ask who, what, where, when, how and why!

This is nothing more than another attempted power grab after getting their asses kicked. It’s also a huge red flag of the fascism and tyranny they will bring to this country if they ever get a super majority like they had during obama’s first two years in office. They learned a lesson then, to push through as much as possible vs one objective. Had they not wasted all their time on obamacare they could’ve passed gun control, amnesty, climate change and many more of their pet projects… projects they are now lining up to ram through if they win the White House, get control of the Senate and hold the House this Nov!

You’ve been warned America they’re telling you exactly what they’re going to do, they’ve shown the power they’ll wield through lockdown power grabs. If you want no part of this, then you better vote Trump/Pence and GOP Nov 3rd and get as many people you know to do the same!!