OH Woman Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask

Welcome to the United Police States of America
A woman in Logan, OH was tased and arrested for not wearing a mask, while attending a middle school football game sitting with her family. As you can see in the video social distancing is being maintained, so there is NO THREAT to anyone around her!

We’re told repeatedly to keep 6 ft apart and when you can’t wear a mask, well what’s the problem here? She and her family are safe around each other, and aren’t on top of anyone why do you need to wear a mask and social distance!?

We have people literally burning businesses down, attacking people, looting and rioting but this is where the leaders in OH (republican mind you) think police should be spending their time.

This site supports the police… GOOD cops, not BAD cops who enforce stupid ordinances, especially one over a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate and where those who died 94% had 2-3 preexisting conditions! The cop could have issued the woman a citation/fine, but no he allowed the situation to escalate to the point it became combative where he felt compelled to tase and arrest her.

This covid nonsense has to end, people’s lives are literally being ruined over it. The republican leaders in OH better have good look in the mirror, because this crap is their legacy, this is the garbage they will be remembered for.