Democrat Voter Attempts to Kill Seattle Police Officer With Baseball Bat Strike to Back of His Head


Seattle under the control of democrats continues to be a war zone where it is not safe to go out at night. This attack on a Seattle Police Officer is terrible, showing the danger these people are in from DEMOCRAT PARTY VOTERS. This officer was surrounded by these dems, fell down where one assaulted him with a traffic cone (which are not light) as he gets up another democrat voter comes up behind him striking him in the back of his head with a baseball bat! Thank God he had a helmet on, but this officer most likely suffered a concussion from such a blow.

Hit the gear button, change the speed to 25% and watch it again.. that democrat was winding up, waiting for the perfect time to strike the cop in the back of his head!

These people are incredibly dangerous, ready and willing to kill. What you just saw there was attempted murder! The monsters are lucky the only defensive weapon the officer pulled was pepper spray and not his sidearm. Then again because of the scrutiny police have been under these cops are probably afraid to pull their guns at this point, which puts their lives, other officers as well as innocent bystanders in danger. That is what the democrat party with the help of the media has done!

Police right now are being hunted down brutally attacked, if not assassinated. What happens if the dems win and police are defunded… ‘scuse me Joe Biden “redirect funds”? These monsters will be free to do whatever they want where every city and town will look like Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Louisville, New York etc!! This IS the modern-day democrat party and what’s in store for this entire country if HARRIS/biden and dems running for office win in Nov.

A vote for Trump/Pence is a vote for law and order and will send a clear message to the democrats the American people have had enough of them terrorizing us through their brownshirts on the streets.