Pelosi Threatens GOP “Will Pay a Price” If They Move Forward With SCOTUS Vote


If you ever wondered where or who the “peaceful protesters” learn their tactics of intimidation from look no further than Nancy Pelosi. here she demonstrates that it is she, and others within the democraty party, who sets the example for their brownshirts in the streets to threaten opposition.


Why should the GOP pay a price for following the law, as spelled out under Article II Section II Clause II? We know the democrats would ram SCOTUS nominee through if they controlled the Senate and White House, proabably in record time!

This is the Speaker of the House threatening repercussions to people, for doing their jobs It doesn’t matter who it is young, old, male, female, elected official or “peaceful protester” de ocrats are all the same, they’re inherently unhinged and violent threatening anyone who crosses them.

Vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot Nov 3rd sending this monster and her ilk packing, which also sends message to thise on the streets we’re not taking their their crap anymore!