Schumer: Biden on Board w/ ‘Everything is on the Table’ Approach to Pass Green New Deal Legislation


Leave it to Chuck Schumer to run his mouth spelling out what we already know about the Biden campaign. When dems get overconfident they get cocky running their mouth and this one is a biggy because the Green New Deal will destroy the US economy, ceding economic and energy power to our enemies!

Two things are proven in this clip:
#1 Joe Biden LIED during the presidential debate

Oh there’s also this from his website, proving he supports the Green New Deal, you can be sure will be scrubbed soon!

#2 Joe is not calling the shots how his campaign, let alone a HARRIS/biden admin will be run. The radicals within the DNC are now calling the shots to what policies will be pursued.

Dems learned from their mistake under obama when they wasted their super majority for two years on obamacare, they will not make the same mistake again. The Green New Deal, gun confiscation, amnesty, stacking the Supreme Court aka ‘everything is on the table’ will all be passed very quickly in 2021-22 if HARRIS/biden and the dems win in Nov to control Congress and the White House.

Vote for Trump/Pence and GOP candidates down the ballot IN-PERSON like you life depends on it, because it does.