Fauci Admits Wearing Mask After Being Vaccinated is For Show!

The Left’s St Fauci once again proves he a is a partisan hack, admitting that he wears a mask for show. This guy hasn’t been right or honest about covid since he started popping up allover tv last year.

Fraudci KNOWS you don’t need to wear a mask if you had covid or got the experimental vaccine, yet went along with his dem pals pushing for masks, and all the tyrannical policies Americans have been subjected to. Just recently he supported the idea of wearing two masks which was total nonsense. He’s a fraud and should be held responsible for the damage he and his pals have done to our economy and the nation socially, not to mention damage done to kids.

And why this change of tune? Because Rand Paul and others have exposed this monster tying him to the 2015 research study this site, which was the FIRST, posted March 2020 that Twitter and Facebook have done everything in the power to suppress.

Take the masks off America, go back to your lives pre-March 2020, it was all hoax for power and control, AND to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

F’rs should be thanking their lucky stars the gates of hell haven’t opened up on them for what they’ve done.