Harris: COVID An “Opportunity” to “Transform” America “And How We Vote”

The #2 of the illegitimate regime said what we all suspected was the real reason for the overreaction in the handling of covid as a “unique opportunity now to shape our nation’s future. To transform how we live, how we work, and how we vote.”

Yes, covid was bad but it was NOT the lethal threat it was made out to be. It was NOT the virus from the movie Contagion, but the Left acted like it was. It was almost as if they used that movie as a script on how to handle the bug.

Leftists at every level weaponized this bug for power and control, that’s all it was about, and this “woman” more or less is spelling that out now.

And let’s be honest, they also weaponized the bug because they saw it as the vehicle to steal the election from Trump giving them the excuse they needed to run the circus of an election we had in 2020 – she admitted it with a big smile!

If your state is not taking action to completely overhaul how your election is run then do not expect anything to change in coming midterm elections. Until the people running it, systems in place from 2020 and of course the traitors who counted the ballots are removed from the equation these monsters will pick and choose winners while providing data that is was a “close race.”