Here Are 35 Republicans That Voted With Dems For a Commission to Investigate Jan 6th “Riot”

35 “republicans” just went on official record they ARE NOT seeking to be re-elected as they voted with democrats for a 9/11 style investigative commission into the Jan 6th UNARMED “insurrection” or “riot” depending on who is pushing Leftist talking points.

Don Bacon-Nebraska
Cliff Bentz-Oregon
Stephanie Bice-Oklahoma
Liz Cheney-Wyoming
John Curtis-Utah
Rodney Davis-Illinois
Brian Fitzpatrick-Pennsylvania
Jeff Fortenberry-Nebraska
Andrew Garbarino-New York
Carlos Giminez-Florida
Tony Gonzales-Texas
Anthony Gonzalez-Ohio
Michael Guest-Mississippi
Jaime Herrera Beutler-Washington
French Hill-Arkansas
Trey Hollingsworth-Indiana
Chris Jacobs-New York
Dusty Johnson-South Dakota
David Joyce-Ohio
John Katko-New York
Adam Kinzinger-Illinois
David McKinley-W Va
Peter Meijer- Michigan
M Miller Meeks-Iowa
Blake Moore-Utah
Dan Newhouse-Washington
Tom Reed-New York
Tom Rice-South Carolina
Maria Salazar-Florida
Mike Simpson-Idaho
Chris Smith-New Jersey
Van Taylor-Texas
Fred Upton-Michigan
David Valadao-California
Steve Womack-Arkansas

Some of these names should look familiar as several of them voted to impeach Pres Trump for doing his job while President and calling for peace on the 6th. Others like Cheney, Kinzinger etc are hardcore PROGRESSIVES no different than their close friends in the democ…socialist party.

Jan 6th wasn’t even close to a riot, there was absolutely nothign even remotely similar to the ongoing violence and riots the Left has been doing since 2016! Calling it an insurrection is beyond insulting, no one was armed except for the Capitol Police WHO ALLOWED peaceful protesters to enter the building, and the one who fired on and killed Ashli Babbitt! Yes, there was damage but that was cause by Leftist infiltrators who mixed in with the crowd.

These monsters think otherwise and they need to be run out of office. Give them hell, demand their resignation! They MUST be primaried and thrown out of office in the midterms, NO EXCUSES.