Jim Jordan Attacks Fauci’s Actions At Start Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The GOP side of the House Oversight Cmte held a hearing on covid and not surprising Dr Fauci was a no show. This clown was everywhere every single day, but then through a FOIA request his emails were made public and the truth was out so now he’s nowhere to be found.

If one hasn’t done anything wrong why go into hiding? Where’s Fauci!?

Jim Jordan ripped into the little monster and called him out for being a no show today.

People want and deserve answers for what he and the others did to the US. Lives and businesses have been and continue to be destroyed over this bug that is NOT the lethal killer progressives make it out to be. And now we have adults and worst CHILDREN getting very sick and in some cases dying from an UNTESTED, UNAPPROVED by the FDA, EXPERIMENTAL vaccine progressives are adamant everyone should get.

Fauci needs to be held as responsible for this mess as China.