Border Invasion is Getting Worse, Number of Illegals Crossing is Growing as Cartels Are in Control

Couple clips here showing the illegitimate’s regime plans are going along smoothly as they have surrendered the US souther border to the cartels resulting in conditions getting worse and the numbers of illegal crossing is growing.

One would call the regimes border policies a failure, but from the Left’s perspective it’s a success. The plan is to flood the US with illegals which will “force” Congress to act, passing “comprehensive immigration reform” aka AMNESTY. Through that democrats will manipulate these “new” Americans securing votes for permanent one party rule – turning the entire country into California! The cartels are running the operation making MILLIONS everyday as their main cash crop now is HUMAN TRAFFICKING, with drugs, weapons and God knows what else trailing right behind. This admin has not only left the border open but has surrendered US sovereignty to these terrorist organizations.

Since the harlot was named Border Czar over 500,000 illegals have entered the US. Keep in mind this is the number of people that has been apprehended, the actual number is quite larger as it is estimated for every 1-2 illegals caught 3-4 get through!

To put this in perspective for you to understand how bad things are, the number of illegals who just entered the US with the help of the Biden/OBAMA admin, is the equivalent to the city of Tucson, AZ!! How many people live in your town or city? Look it up and then compare it to the numbers of illegals entering everyday who are UNEDUCATED, UNSKILLED, UNHEALTHY AND BROKE, MANY WITH CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS who will be a complete burden and threat on taxpayers!

Oh and we haven’t even talked about who is entering the US. They’re not just Mexicans and people from Central and South America. Illegals from all over the world including the middle east are entering… ya know the middle east where terror groups like al Qaida, ISIS, Hamas etc are coming from!

Hey at least theres no more mean tweets and mud getting slung right back at the media!