Biden Suggests Maxine Waters Run For The Senate

It’s not his cognitive decline accelerating, the old guy was caught on hot mic welcoming Maxine Waters to a bill signing event saying “Senator, I hope,” following up You think I’m kidding? I’m not.”

Right now Alex Padilla is serving out the last two years of the harlot’s Senate seat, which means this regime is banking on Waters running for it in 2022. It’s almost a lock for her if this is the case as CA is under permanent one party rule. It will be a miracle if a repub/conserv can run and win. FYI on how screwed up and CA is, when democrats finally locked in enough control on the state they changed the election rules with regards to primaries. The rule is, the two primary candidates with the most votes go on to the general election; this is how we got harlot in 2017. She was running against another democrat, so CA voters really didnt have much of choice, as a viable republican candidate was muscled out with the rule change.

If WiggyWaters was to get into the Senate it would be terrible for America. Not much can be done for CA, the state is lost, but the other states better get their asses in gear to change who is running the election system and counting ballots, otherwise the nightmare of 2020… hell NYC mayoral race will be a repeat. Whoever controls the elections controls the country, and at this point the progressives have a death grip on it.