Biden Suggests Climate Change Caused Condo Collapse

With no facts, no formal investigation into the exact cause for the buildings collapse and even admitting there is speculation, the old guy worked climate change in as a potential cause for the Surfside, FL condo coming down.

This was NOT an accident, he is carrying on a narrative his regime wants to use that started with Sec Granholm making the same claim just a few days ago.

Remember what Rahm Emanuel said, never let a good crisis go to waste. This collapse fits the Left’s climate change narrative perfectly even though there is Z E R O science to support it. They know this, but they also know the majority of American believe whatever they hear, never taking the time to educate themselves. When another tragedy happens again as a result of the weather or can be looooosely tied to it they will push climate change as the cause.

These monsters have picked up right where obama left off in their quest to destroy America. This tragedy is more proof how they weaponize anything to push their agenda.