Fmr Dem Senator Claims January 6th Was Worse Than Benghazi

Disgraced, defeated, RIGHTFULLY FORMER US Senator Claire McCaskill made the one of the most obscene, offensive and ridiculous statements we’ve ever heard to date on Morning Joe. This cretin had the audacity to suggest the Jan 6th “riot” (NOT really) was worse than the Benghazi attack in order to justify the need for an investigation into the “riot”! Of course she inserted a small CYA by saying she wasn’t trying to minimize the loss of life knowing the blowback she deserves to get.


There is Z E R O comparison between what happened in Benghazi (well documented on this site and others) and in DC Jan 6th, but this is how unhinged violent Leftists think in order to push a FALSE narrative that deserves US taxpayer money to fund an investigation. Might I point out we already had in investigation into Jan 6th! It was the Lefts second attempt to impeach Pres Trump.

These MONSTERS truly believe Jan 6th was the worst event in US history! There was no gun battle, no explosions, people we’re butchered but if you listen to the Left, people entering the US Capitol, as Capitol Police OPENED DOORS, WELCOMING THEM IN AND EVEN OFFERING TO SHOW THEM AROUND, well that’s right up there with 9/11, Dec 7th 1941, and now the Benghazi attack!

The Left says white supremacists are terrorists, and are mostly responsible for Jan 6th “riot”. In separate discussions, op-eds, panels etc they compare ANYONE who supports the US Constitution, gun rights, Christianity and most importantly President Trump as white supremacists. Without directly tying the two theories together the Left is calling each and every man, woman and child who is not goose-stepping to their every word a DOMESTIC TERRORIST – which gives this POS the green light to say Jan 6th was as bad as Benghazi!

The left is BEGGING for a showdown at this point. Frankly I welcome a repeat of Apr 12, 1861, it’s what the Left wants let them have it as it will be pure entertainment to watch them run to the hills looking for the largest rock they can find to hide under in the deepest darkest hole!