We Don’t Need Another Edith Wilson

Jill Biden posted this picture of herself working hard at her desk, which appears to be the desk of Air Force One, stating she is ‘Prepping for the G7’!

Did we miss something, has there been another election and Jill is now POTUS?

OR, is she taking a page out of Edith Wilson’s playbook and running the White House because her husband is a few sandwiches short of a picnic!?

Edith Wilson: The First Lady Who Became an Acting President — Without Being Elected
For one year and five months, Wilson oversaw her husband’s presidential affairs while he recovered from his illness.

“Unofficially, America has already had what might be called a First Lady President — at least according to some historians and biographers of the controversial woman in question. And she certainly was not elected by anyone except, arguably her husband, who made their union official on December 18, 1915.

That happy occasion gave no clue that, in just three short years, Edith Bolling Galt — the widow of a Washington, D.C. jewelry store owner marrying the widowed incumbent President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson — would be accused of running the country…

…Edith firmly stepped in and began making decisions. Consulting with physicians, she would not even consider making her husband resign and have the vice president take over. That would only depress her Wilson. Her loving dedication to protect him by whatever means were necessary might have been admirable for a love story, but in declaring that she only cared about him as a person, not as a president, Edith revealed a selfish ignorance leading her to decide that she and the President came before the normal functioning of the executive branch of government.

The first move in establishing what she called her “stewardship” was to mislead the entire nation, from the cabinet and Congress to the press and the people. Vetting the carefully crafted medical bulletins that were publicly released, she would only permit an acknowledgment that Wilson badly needed rest and would be working from his bedroom suite. When individual cabinet members came to confer the president, they went no further than the first lady. If they had policy papers or pending decisions for him to review, edit or approve, she would first look over the material herself. If she deemed the matter pressing enough, she took the paperwork into her husband’s room where she claimed she would read all the necessary documents to him….

For those who don’t know Edith Wilson was Pres Woodrow Wilson’s wife. When he got very ill, he was no where to be found but Edith was front and center running the country!!

We have more than enough videos to make the case Joe is mentally incapacitated to run this country. He only one event a day scheduled if that, he is reluctant to speak to the press even pointing out he shouldn’t be speaking that he’s ‘going to get in trouble’ for taking questions. He has his VP doing tasks he should be doing, receiving foreign dignitaries as well as communicating with them, which was a disaster recently. He is a physical nightmare especially climbing stairs, shuffles around. He rambles on incoherently, goes off script, continues to “hit on” little girls, and at times forgets that he is president….

Joe is clearly UNFIT to serve, we don’t need another Edith Wilson. It is time for Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Joe from office before he does irreparable damage, up to and including getting the US into a major war!!