AOC: It’s America’s Fault People Are Coming Here Illegally

House Speaker AOC blamed US foreign policy for the illegal alien invasion at our southern border, “that we have contributed to regime change, destabilization and interventionist foreign policy that has contributed to these awful conditions throughout Latin America.”

Yep it’s our fault people are coming here instead of staying put and fighting for their country as our forefathers did. Cut and run violating American sovereignty is the way to deal with corrupt govts in third world countries.

What’s worse is the invaders have Z E R O respect for America, they just want the free stuff, courtesy of the democrats and RINO’s, for their LAZY ASSES! Yea that’s right I called them lazy, I lived in CA saw tons of illegals and KNOW the quality of their work THEY’RE LAZY, do half-assed work but expect the world in return. If the US went completely to hell (we’re on our way) it’s safe to say things are going to get quite heated and you’re gonna need body armor to walk out the door. We’ll fight for our country where as these LAZY m’r f’rs don’t want to lift a finger.

“We” contributed to these countries via foreign aid to keep whats happening from happening. They crossed us, we should cut them off of all aid OR take them over. So AOC’s claim of US is behind regime change is not so true, if it were these dictators would be doing what we want with the money we send them.

It’s NOT our fault it’s their leaders fault and the people of these countries for doing nothing to change things. AOC won’t admit that because deep down she and her party want millions flooding into the US so they can justify granting them citizenship, regardless of SCOTUS ruling , so illegals can vote giving the dems permanent control of govt. That’s all this is about, turning the entire US into California.