Blinken: Biden Will Lift Sanctions Necessary In Iran Deal Even If Those Entities Fund Terrorism

Sec of State Antony Blinken told Senators that the illegitimate regime is in talks with Iran and discussing conditions of reentering the nuke deal even if doing so funds terrorism.

What nation rich in oil, gas, and lithium needs nuclear energy?

THEY DON’T, it’s a lie to cover for the development of nuclear weapons this death cult run country will use when they have enough material to make bombs. The Iranians will not waste a bomb testing it in the desert or underground as a show of strength. WHEN they get a nuke, thanks to the JARRETT-0bama-biden regime, they’ll hand it off to one of their proxies for a real world live test, which will most likely be in Israel since the mullahs vow to wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth.

Tell me again this illegitimate regime is not out to destroy the US and our allies by empowering a terror state with money and nuclear weapons.