Obama Attacks ‘Right-Wing’ Media For Concerns Over Critical Race Theory

The racist in chief as you would expect came out swinging against the Right for concerns over critical race theory being rammed down the throats of children, businesses and just about everywhere you go now. With so many pushing back on the Left pushing racism it was natural for them get this fool to speak out as if there’s nothing wrong with it and those opposing are just radial right-wingers.

This monster is responsible for setting race relations back 40+ years. He has done everything in his power to divide this nation politically, socially and again racially. It keeps himself and all his minions in business, and helps open the door to their radical agenda with a divided country. They started the fire and now they want to come in and put it out… their way, which will resort in anyone who is white and not liberal as enemy number one, “we have to rid these people from society (aka cancel culture).”

Stop taking this fool, his puppet and their acolytes bait. The US is NOT a racist country, anyone concerned about CRT is right and just. You see they fear the truth getting out, truth like what Tatiana Ibrahim dealt out to her school board, and many American’s not taking their crap anymore.