NY Mom Completely DESTROYS School Board Over CRT Indoctrination

This is one of the best videos you will see of an average parent who has had enough, tearing into her school board over their radical indoctrination agenda, pushing CRT. Her name is Tatiana Ibrahim, everything she says here is true and we need a lot more people like her rising up against school boards and local govts.

We cannot save this Republic when educators are teaching hate and lies, and radicalizing our children. Like Tatiana says these people work for us, regardless if they’re getting a pay check or volunteers. We need to make it clear to school boards and all the other elected officials WE are their masters they do what we want, NOT the other way around which by they way these monsters are doing a hell of job convincing people is how things are. NO THEY’RE NOT.

Don’t let these people cut you off or bully you. Stand up to them like Tatiana did, make it clear they have no power over you when they cite their rules, because again they work for you!