Biden ‘Very Confident’ in Fauci, Under No Circumstance Will He Be Fired

The illegitimate individual occupying the White House peeked around a door responding to reporters that he is ‘very confident’ in Dr Fauci, and his Minister of Propaganda answered ‘no’ when asked if there was any circumstance the old guy would fire the fraud, regardless of the info now flowing proving him to be a total fraud and potentially playing a role in the development of covid!

This is what a banana republic looks like. Elitists doing whatever they want regardless of the carnage they create. Fauci knew covid wasn’t the killer it was made out to be, he lied to the American people…. ya know what Candace Owens said it best:

The old guy is going to keep the fraud in play because this “virus” gives progressives incredible power in the name of public health and national security.