“White Hat” Explains Irrefutable Evidence of Election Cyber Attack

“White Hats” are computer experts, considered good guy hackers. This White Hat explains to that the data packets that were recorded election night are the equivalent of recovering DNA at a crime scene to having clear video of a crime being committed. It’s the type of evidence you want walking into a court room. He explains it proves a major cyber attack was launched against the US election system flipping votes from Donald Trump to Biden.

This is just 20 lines broken down of countless lines of data they have, but as you can see where the threat originated, it’s target and end result…

This is the kind of evidence many want to see BUT while this could be deemed the smoking gun we still have a problem.

This 9-0 vote Mike is talking about WILL NOT HAPPEN. Granted the evidence is not subjective, we have to remember we’re dealing with 9 people who have proven many times now they WILL NOT DO THE RIGHT THING.

Seriously, ask yourself do you really think if this evidence, and we can assume much more like, is presented before SCOTUS that Roberts, Sotomayer, Kagen, Breyer, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, …. Thomas will vote in support of this, to in fact confirm the election was a total farce!? They won’t do it – they will vote by emotion, political beliefs and do EXACTLY what they’re told to do. By whom? Who knows, but there is no way these 9 people will do the right thing, Mike is dreaming and we’re screwed.

So why post it? To confirm what we all know what happened, that the election was a joke, Trump won by a massive landslide, the democrats stole the election, to serve as more proof this country IS a banana republic, and that the American people are sheep allowing it all to happen!

Fact: The Founders would be halfway done shooting by now.

Fact: Millions stayed home, wear masks to this day over the flu, because the same power brokers told you the flu was the most deadly in history. You all listened, and many still are listening regardless of the facts we have today.

The People are like addicts, you’re not ready to get clean yet. When you finally do, you won’t worry about being called names, being canceled from work, family, social media etc. You’ll do what needs to be done.

We’re there