Biden Admin Working With Big Tech to Censor YOU

The obama-biden regimes Minister of Propaganda proudly confirmed the regime “is in regular touch” with Big Tech TYRANTS, working to censor Americans over the spread of “disinformation” about covid.


Disinformation according to whom? Their scientists, and “experts”!?
We know at this point Fauci is lying liar, and the majority of doctors and scientists who support wearing masks, the lockdowns and mandatory vaccines are LEFTIST HACKS. Maybe if they had a panel of bipartisan scientists we wouldn’t have half the problems we’ve had. They want absolute compliance, no one questioning their interpretation of the science which is not and was NEVER the lethal bug they portray it to be. The masks by Fauci’s own admission don’t work, but if you post that they shut you down, and from the looks of it they’re stepping up the censorship of alternative opinion/ news.

Science is never final, if that were the case there would be no research in any field to find cures for anything! We need to hear both sides, but the problem is the elites are using the bug to seize power and control over ALL OF US in the name of public health. So anyone who posts anything that goes against the Left’s narrative is tagged a disinformation merchant!