74,243 Mail-In AZ Ballots Were Counted in 2020 Election That Were Never Requested

The Left and GOPe don’t want Americans to hear about whats going on in AZ. They’re bending over backwards to suppress the truth about how corrupt the election was run with solid indisputable evidence of election fraud and cheating. They want Americans to believe the 2020 election was the most secure and accurate election in US history, that an old man hiding in his basement for a year got more votes than the sitting President and even his predecessor 0bama!

One of many revelations coming out of the Maricopa audit hearing today was the discovery of 74,243 mail-in ballots that were counted but there’s no record of them ever being sent out!


“White Hat” Explains Irrefutable Evidence of Election Cyber Attack

Do we need to talk about the election system being breached, ballots printed on the wrong type of paper, mail-in ballots that have NO folds/ crease-lines, ballots with no serial numbers, ballots counted multiple times etc? How about the 3981 who registered to vote AFTER the election, or the 18,000 that voted but were removed from voter rolls AFTER the election?

No, no we can’t talk about any of that, “that’s insurrection!”

There was a rebellion, and insurrection in the US but it wasn’t the clowns at the Capitol Jan 6th. It was carried out by the democrat party and all their acolytes along with some GOPE degenerates!

There is no way in hell the old guy won. The Left STOLE this election from the American people and their President Donald Trump. This is about YOUR vote being canceled or flipped for one of the worst and most corrupt politicians in US history who is presently taking a wrecking ball to the nation.

Do these MotherF***ers have any idea the hell coming their way? This country is on edge as it is, this theft could very well be the tipping point, and frankly at this point we need it. The Left.. progressives have gotten away with far too much for far too long. They should all get on their knees today thanking God the people who possess 90% of the 445+M guns, billions of rounds of ammo they call names, mock, ridicule and cancel haven’t taken a page from the Left’s violent playbook. If those crazy Bible thumping, Constitution carrying “radicals” rise up, progressives will be wishing for Jan 6th or even any of the riots we saw over the last year. You proglodytes better fix this and fix it fast.