DHS Sec Admits Border is Unsustainable, Blames Trump For Surge

The bide…obama regime’s DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas was caught on audio admitting the conditions at the border are unsustainable.

During a presser Alejandro had the balls to blame President Trump for the surge! If this were true then these illegals would have been pouring across the border under his administration, obviously it never happened because there was no incentive for illegals to come here.

This all means the obama2.0 regime all know their border policy is a complete disaster in the eyes of conservatives and normal sane Americans, but are choosing to do nothing because it’s all part of their plan.

That plan, spelled out on this site ad nauseam, is do the entire country what dems successfully did to California – using illegal immigration to change the nations demographics that inevitably led to permanent one party rule. It’s happening, many see it, even Tucker Carlson addressed it on his show

This invasion will continue until Americans get mad and start giving those elected hell, if not removing them from office. Those living in border towns need to start raising hell, communities getting inundated with bus and plane loads of illegals need to start raising hell. We the People must start making politicians lives miserable because right now we’re all a blip to them 100’s if not 1000+ miles away. Until our problems are in their backyards they don’t care. Border Agents and law enforcement need to start enforcing the immigration laws being broken everyday instead of violating them too! Best thing they could do is begin arresting politicians whose actions and policies are aiding and assisting and harboring illegals who enter the USA.

People have got to start fighting back, the longer you’re silent the more like California this country becomes.