Biden: “Do I Bear Responsibility? Zero Responsibility.”

The events unfolding in Afghanistan are colossal and catastrophic (DWARFING Saigon, Vietnam 1975) most of which cannot really be put into a single post since it is so fluid right now. But, one thing is clear as to who is responsible. NO, democrats this is NOT Donald Trump’s fault.

Who as US Senator voted to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan?
Who as VP oversaw the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Who as Pres has/had the final say on US activity in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Answer: Joe Biden.

The old dementia ridden fool OWNS this 100%, along with his obama-jarrett-rice handlers.

And this POS needs to be fired TODAY

Yes, Trump wanted our troops out of Afghanistan but there is no way in hell he would’ve cut and run as Joe, leaving behind weapons, ammunition, vehicles, hi-tech assets (drones), helicopters etc for our enemies to get their hands on. Trump would’ve never exited opening the door for Taliban, ISIS, al Qaeda to be able to get back into power in the span of a few weeks! Furthermore, Trump would have exited with a message, that if they try anything he would blow them off the face of the Earth, where what we’ve seen in the early stages would’ve been met with massive air strikes and bombings. We know this to be true because Trump had made threats like that during his admin and NO ONE touched Americans for the most part. He allowed the military to do what they’re trained to do – KILL. He unleashed the US military’s might on our foes to the degree of dropping a MOAB!

Biden’s poor decisions has put the world and US in a higher level of danger again from jihadists. Couple that with his open border policy monsters will be pouring across, more than what already has. WHEN the US gets hit again (to the degree of 9/11) Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Milley et al all the way down to dems who are your family/friends/neighbors will own this. Their poor decisions got us here, and are responsible for the blood being spilled.