Biden Stands “Squarely Behind” Afghanistan Decision

This guy is a walking disaster getting people killed right now as you read this. He is also a liar, Pres Trump had a deal with the Taliban it was a conditions based withdraw they weren’t meeting their side of the agreement! So the old guy can blame Trump and everyone else but in the end he owns the carnage that follows.

We all agree the US can’t stay there forever, the troops have to come home. The problem is HOW this idiot carried it out. It was more or less a cut a run leaving all your stuff (weapons, ammo, equipment, drones, vehicles etc) and the people who helped you to fend for themselves!

He handed the country over to terrorists who are now using our gear and killing the people who helped us for 20 years. Damn straight Dementia Joe is going to stand “squarely behind” this decision, when we get attacked again he’s gonna own it and so will the people who’ve propped him up. And what did joe do after the speech? He took no questions and hurried off back to his Camp David vacation!

Fmr Gen Jack Keene weighed in explaining the “factual inaccuracies” the old guy gave today, spelling out the massive national security threat this BAD decision has created.

The GOP of course has been quite silent compared to their dem counterparts. Had this happened under Trump, dems would have already drawn up impeachment articles. Not one member in the GOP has suggested impeaching this old kook over this disaster he caused which is also a major national security threat. If it hasn’t dawned on you we’re right back where we were in 2001 pre-9/11! ISIS, al Qaeda and all the other scumbags of the world will again have a safe haven to operate out of and launch attacks around the world!