McCain in 2014 Warned About Blinken and Afghanistan

Anyone who is a long time visitor to this site knows it is no fan of John McCain. That said for this site to post this video of him from 2014 warning about now Sec of State Tony Blinken, and what would happen if troops get pulled out of Afghanistan without a plan you know it’s a must see. It’s not about the messenger but the message, and that message is a warning that what we saw unfold in Iraq when troops were pulled out too soon resulting in the rise of the ISIS caliphate is going to repeat again but be much worse in Afghanistan.

Why is it the worst foreign policy (and domestic) decisions are always made when democrats are in power? If actions are not taken now to defang the taliban you can best the last $1 to your name ISIS and al Qaeda will rise to become a bigger threat than they were before. So while many of us had a problem with McCain he did have his moments of being right about the dangers these radical Leftists pose with their poor policies/ life and death decisions in the White House and State Dept.

What should we do?

Get enough US forces on site to evacuate all US citizens and any Afghans who aided the US after being properly vetted, many have already been executed so it’s just a matter of time until the vids start surfacing like they did 5-7 years ago.
Surgical air strikes need to be carried out destroying vehicles, weapons and equipment. NO, no one cares how upset people will be over it, this is the only way to clean up the clusterfuck the old bastard, Blinken and their progressive ilk have created.

“But the Taliban will declare war on us!”
Uh heh, we’re already engaged!

If anyone out there thinks the US won’t get hit, now that Xiden has restored Afghanistan to pre-9/11/01 levels you’re delusional. He is weak and impotent the entire world sees it and they know America cannot be trusted or depended on for help or to do the right thing. In some cases that’s a good thing, we shouldn’t have to be the worlds police but there are times when only the best, aka USA, can handle things. That level of security, confidence and deterrence is gone under the old fool and the harlot.

This is what happens when you allow progressives to control everything up to and including the election system and who counts the ballots. We’re screwed.