Biden Admin to Americans in Kabul: You’re on Your Own


CBS News White House producer Sara Cook posted this note that was sent out to US citizens in Kabul advising them to get to Hamid Karzai Intl Airport but warned the US govt can’t guarantee their safety! In other words you’re on your own moving through a city where the taliban is EXECUTING Afghans who have assisted the US, so you can just imagine what they’ll do to Americans. This note surely came out of the State Dept, under Anthony Blinken, which is as much a clown show as the White House.

This is another example of how poorly run and this withdraw from Afghanistan was, that was clearly NOT planned out regardless what the unqualified fools running this country want to tell you.

Oh have we mentioned the taliban is going door-to-door looking for westerners and setting up checkpoints to stop people from getting to the airport!? They are!

Here is the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan proving he’s useless and unqualified

Then we have the State Dept spokesidiot Ned Price spend 5 minutes not giving an answer for Americans who are blocked from the airport…

And the day wouldn’t be complete without the soulless ginger proving how useless she is saying they can’t guarantee all Americans will be evacuated…

What is the plan if vids of Americans being held hostage, maybe executed start surfacing?

This is an absolute disaster that dwarfs Saigon 1975. In all seriousness Joe Biden should be forced out. He cannot run this country; look at the damage he’s done in just 7+months! Democrats time after time prove they can’t do anything right and will not take any responsibility for the clusterfuck they’ve created. And yet STUPID people will allow them to control everything including the election system and who counts the ballots, while also voting dems back into power. This country gets exactly what it deserves.