2 Health Experts Give Testimony Every American Needs to Hear

Progressives do not want people to see videos like the 2 below because these experts (PA-C&MD) destroy their narrative. These men work on the front lines, they see what’s going on everyday and have the data many making decisions about our lives don’t have! That in itself is a warning flag that the people higher-up making life and death decisions are willfully withholding not only from local leadership like those these men are speaking to, but the public as well!

Yes, I have to “speak in code”, leave out specific info (ie expert’s names etc) at this point in an attempt to get around Big Tech scanning sites/pages looking for any excuse to censor content specifically like these 2 videos.

Americans MUST take a stand against the elites, tell them NO and that they will be run out of office. We’re in this mess because far too many have sat idly by allowing them to take more and more from us. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and not back down no matter what they say or do, as a Senator is asking people to do!