COVID-Positive Illegal Immigrants Are Released Into US, Given Bus & Plane Tickets

Mask and vaccine mandates, even another lockdown is being thrown around, which would cause massive economic chaos, for Americans but if you’re an illegal alien you have nothing to worry about. Illegals break federal law by stepping foot on US soil, get aid from federal agencies and NGO’s, who are also breaking the law, and are set loose within the US at taxpayers expense with covid and not one word from the Left.

If you step out of line when it comes to covid, well the Left will go out of their way to destroy you, but illegals they can do anything they want. You know why – the Left is using them to continue the “pandemic” well into 2022 to justify a repeat of the 2020 election with mail-in ballots and all the nonsense we saw. Progressives see the trophy at the end of the tunnel, they know illegals are their gateway to permanent one party rule and they will destroy ANYONE who gets in their way.

So while they demonize you, illegals are pouring across the border sick or not and being shipped all over the US. Look at that, Progs took over the country without firing a shot and all the tough guys (some girls) out there with your beards, dip, chest rigs with PMags and trauma scissors, moral patches, tricked out AR’s and Glock’s who say “not on my watch,” “never let it happen,” “Ill die fighting for this country” didn’t do a damn thing!

The number of illegals who have entered the country is at 1.3M! Most can’t comprehend that number but they do know how big Dallas, TX is. The number of illegals who have come in that we know about is enough to populate the entire city of Dallas! Check out the numbers for yourself, but before you do find out how many people are living in your town/city and compare it to the numbers of illegals coming in. By having a reference to the number of illegals coming in you’ll see how bad this really is. Literal towns, cities are crossing the border right now and again those saying they’ll defend the homeland have done nothing!

When historians look back at the fall of the USA they’ll see this time was the beginning of the end all because people who call themselves patriots did nothing.