Border Agents: Under Biden, Overwhelmed “We’ve Surrendered the Border”

By following the old guys orders Border agents admit “we’ve surrendered the border”. The US is being overrun by uneducated, unskilled people who have Z E R O respect for Americans and our laws, and who will also be nothing but complete and total leeches on US taxpayers backs!

The agents should refuse to follow these orders to allow illegals in and harbor them since doing so violates federal immigration laws!

It was pointed out a record of over 210,000 illegals have been apprehended in July, that is the equivalent of Chula Vista, CA or Akron, OH entering the US in one month.

US cities with Population over 100,000

The military had a term for when they got oeverwhelmed/ overrun in combat, ‘Broken Arrow,’ calling for all air and artillery support to more or less open the gates of hell practically on top of US forces. In the case of the border instead of sending additional manpower, even deploying the National Guard and sealing the border this regime is doing the opposite.

Under the VP harlot, named border czar by Dementia Man Bad, she has done nothing in the eyes of most Americans, but in reality this is not true! She who will not be named is doing EXACTLY what she’s supposed to be doing: keeping the border open, allowing as many illegals as possible to enter regardless of their health and criminal background status. The harlot is making sure the US is turned into a larger version of California which WILL lead to permanent one party rule, under the democ… socialist party. History is repeating itself folks, the country was overrun with illegals and Congress tricked Pres Reagan to issue amnesty under the guise the border would be secured; it never happened.

After ’86 the numbers of illegals rose year after year with the majority going into CA turning the state once red state into permanent dark blue. They’ve infiltrated many other red states that are now blue or on the verge of turning blue too. And now the Left is playing the same game nationally. Watch you’ll see sooner or later amnesty will be on the table pushed through by democrats. When that happens America is officially over.