‘They Don’t Do Nothing.. Stop Watching the News and Become Neighbors Again’

Another painter is spelling things out! Scott Brady, owner of PND Painting, who has worked for GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical, shows what he has to wear to do his job to stay safe at the Springfield School District Board meeting in PA.

‘This is what I have to wear every day when I go to GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals.
Viruses.. hey doc, what about a virus? Do you wear this suit when you’re working on a virus? Because when I go in, and they’re working on hepatitis, they’re working on AIDS… This is what I have to wear, okay, and I don’t want to wear it every day, but it saves my life. But those masks and the doctor’s mask you’re asking my kid to wear, they don’t do nothing….’

The democrat party controlled media of course will never air this nor the other painter because they’re not in the truth business. Instead they do what they always do to punch holes in anyones speech that goes against their narrative. They ignore the main message that someone like Brady has, that if the bug was as lethal as they claim, and progressives were serious about the restrictions and orders for everyone to be muzzled then everyone should be walking around in these hazmat suits with closed circuit breathing system. No one is, not even the tyrants infringing on everyones rights, because the bug IS NOT and was NEVER the killer it was made out to be.

Do you all remember the ebola breakout a couple years ago? No lockdowns,no muzzling no panic
Same is true over the swineflu, and other bugs that have been going around. The difference this time around is a bug was weaponized to steal an election and open the door for tyrants to circumvent the Constitution so the elite can have power and control over everything… a lot like what “Hitler wanted” as Brady points out!

Do you understand? Do you get it now?

This game the monsters are playing ends the day EVERYONE stops complying at every single level. From muzzling little kids for 6+yrs a day to making people get the jab in order to go to work, school, entertainment venue etc.

Start saying NO people before it’s too late.

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