They DON’T Work

This painter just proved the muzzles* we’re being recommended to use DO NOT work. We’re not talking about the paper chinese made junk, or the cutesy cloth types, this is the medical grade the “experts” say everyone should be using!!

There are countless reports out by experts making it clear they don’t work. Studies have been done on how they can actually make you sick, where pathogens of all types have been found after muzzles ahve been tested. Like the man says in the videos take them off and get on with your lives. If the restrictions were really about protecting people the border would be locked down, refugees out of the middle east would be isolated… we could go on and on.

The monsters are doing all of this because it is a backdoor to infringe on our rights, seize power and have control over all of us. STOP COMPLYING.

[*What’s with the cryptic headline and language? This site is heavily censored by BigTech who has literally “taken money from my pocket” especially with regards to content about the bug going around. They have software that scan the pages of the links posted to their platforms looking for anything they can tag as misinformation,missing context etc. Don’t like it? Then help me out and make a donation]