Biden: ‘The Wealthy People Aren’t Paying The Taxes They Owe’

After delivering a terrible jobs report the old fool engaged in class warfare against the rich… you know the people who create jobs! He has a masterful plan to increase their taxes because he and his communist ilk thinks it will increase pay benefiting workers and the economy. Anyone whose had basic economics course in college knows this is lunacy, but democrats who have never run a business, hell not ever holding a real job, think their economic ideas supersede logic and reality.

The business impact of the old fool’s proposal to raise taxes has been covered on this site over the calls for increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr. You can more or less use the same arguments in this op from 2015 for increasing wages today on increasing taxes. You see how that works? Rich people own businesses, create jobs and pay taxes, if you F with them jobs go away, prices go up. The old fool’s plan to raise taxes on the rich will really be an increase in taxes on the American people!

While we’re here, Leftist elitists calling for an increase in taxes, YOU FIRST! Joe and his wealthy ilk think the 1% need to pay their fair share, but for the record they already pay 40% of all federal taxes. These PRIVILEGED WEALTHY LIBERALS need to show us all how who say the rich need to pay more PAY UP OR SHUT UP. Stop paying for that expensive tax preparer to get you as much money back every year through clever LEGAL deductions and instead file a basic 1040EZ without all the deductions and add 60% of your income in the little box on the form where you can pay more! You see there is NOTHING stopping any American from paying more in taxes. And you can also open up your checkbook and write the govt a check for whatever amount of money you want anytime you want, you don’t have to wait until tax day!

Increasing taxes as inflation is skyrocketing is stupid… unless you want to collapse the economy!