AOC Defends Disastrous Withdrawal: “This Is War”

The Speaker of the House, AOC, strongly defended the biggest and worst decision (to date) by the illegitimate regime withdrawing the US from Afghanistan. While this dolt was actually correct war is violent and brutal, combat operations had already winded down and had the withdrawal been handled correctly we wouldn’t be talking about 13 dead service members. That small fact always seems to be left out when these monsters are speaking. They don’t want to admit the murder of these 13 warriors and countless civilians to this minute, was completely unnecessary.

Yea war is violent, but if you properly plan a withdrawal pulling civilians out, essential staff, records, equipment, the destruction of vehicles and munitions, weapons and then finally troops you have nothing to worry about. This idiot will never admit that she’s vile like her party, and naturally spreads misinformation that the withdrawal was a success.

Had enough yet? Stop voting for democrats and RINOs, stop sitting elections out, get involved with your elections doing anything to ensure they’re fair and look for any way to get engaged. Otherwise idiots like this will continue to hold power and we’ll get more like her.