Dem Rep Lee: Biden Is Bringing Us Together After 4 Years of Dictatorial Autocratic Rule

Democrats are truly delusional and IMO becoming quite dangerous when they make insane statements like this gem from radical democrat Barbie Lee. This destroyer of America claims the old inept, clueless, dementia ridden old kook is bringing the country together after 4 years of ‘dictatorial autocratic rule out of the White House by Donald Trump’! 😳

I don’t think ANYONE thinks we’re being brought together under this illegitimate regime. Americans are more divided now than we ever were since April 11, 1861! The Left is pulling out all the stops to silence dissent. They cancel you for expressing your opinion on social media, to the point of going after your job and livelihood. Their foot-soldiers viciously attack opposition at every given opportunity. We’re now at the point where the DOJ has weaponized the FBI to go after parents and concerned citizens who thunder away at school and elected officials at public hearings/ meetings. They call anyone upholding the Constitution a radical, extremist or terrorist. White people are being called racist just because they’re white! Hell you’re a racist for just about anything at this point that goes against the Left’s twisted ideology. Do we need to talk about the feminazi’s or LGBTUIWKBVS… gay mafia and all the bullshit they’re doing to the country? I could go on and on, point is this country became permanently divided under obama, the old guy is picking up where that marxist jackass left off, as if on steroids – the divide is wider than the Grand Canyon.

This country is in deep trouble economically and socially. Again the last time we were this divided was on the EVE of the Civil War! Leftist are up to no good, watch your “6”.