This is What Happens When the Meds Begin to Wear Off

The illegitiate individual once again demonstrated how badly he is in mental decline as the meds he’s clearly on were wearing off, suggesting his condition is accelerating.

Now you know why his handlers are quick to get him away from the media after he speaks. But again his condition must have gotten worse because whatever he’s been on in the past is not working. Think about it, his handlers know his schedule, they take all the necessary precaustions to hide he’s mentally incompetent. His schedule many times is empty, where he is quickly off to his Delaware home, where as I understand it records of visitors etc are not available. Surely the fool is getting heavy IV dementia treatments when he is MIA that were not working today!

There is no way in hell this guy got 80M votes. The damage being done to this country under this fool has no bounds and we’re just 9+ mos into his masters reign of power. The people responsible for installing him in the most powerful position in the world should be strung up for what they’ve done.