Cartel Shoot Across the Border Over Natl Guard Observation Posts

The Mexican cartels continue to be emboldened by the do-nothing incompetent illegitimate regime. Aside from getting filthy rich from human trafficking, thanks to the old fools open border policy, these monsters have no fear of engaging our military, where machine gun tracer rounds were captured crossing the sky by Fox News’ Bill Melugin. He says the Natl Guardsmen he was with with in shock and that the rounds were being fired over observation posts.

Cartel members have also taunted US troops by brandishing AK-47’s and racking/chambering rounds while saying they should shoot the troops!

NONE OF THIS would have ever happened under Pres Donald Trump. The old guy, the harlot, and their corrupt party are blatantly putting this country in danger on multiple fronts.

G-D each and every one of you who played even the slightest role in the illegitimate fool being installed in the WH, and his ilk being given majority power. Every single drop of blood spilled is on your hands.