16 Year Old Girl Arrested After Causing School to Go Into Lockdown For Not Wearing Mḁsk

Normally when a school goes into lockdown it’s national news, like in Austin, TX when a teen opened fired in class after a fight, but you won’t hear much about 16 year old Grace Smith at Laramie High School in Wyoming.

Grace didn’t throw a fit, she wasn’t disrespectful, she didn’t threaten or shoot anyone but because she wouldn’t wear a mḁsk the psychopaths running the school put it into lockdown. That’s it, that’s her crime. Of course she was suspended on the spot, and the teen refused to leave school; she wants to get her education. Police of course were on scene to deal with the “threat” warning her she was now trespassing after being suspended.

The cops were tolerant to her protest, but of course were forced to arrest the teen for her heinous crime.

How much more America? How many people, how many teens have to get arrested, lose their jobs or be completely canceled for standing up for their rights until you rise up to the VERY small number of elites running this country?

If the jab works and people are protected then why does everyone else who chooses not to get it or wear a mask have to be treated like criminals? Children/ teens are at EXTREMELY low risk, they pose no threat and keep in mind the bug has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages.

This is all about control, and as it looks now progressives are once again winning because people who complain and rant against their policies don’t have the balls to do anything about it. This teen and the employees over at Southwest Airlines have more guts than the people running around calling themselves die-hard patriots!

The face panty mandates and calls for everyone to get an experimental shot END when Americans rise up en masse saying “NO” to the handful of ruling elites. WE OUTNUMBER THEM, it’s time to flex that “muscle,” if you refuse to comply all this nonsense ends in 1 day! Otherwise enjoy being treated like a criminal and having your freedoms stripped away.

Rise Up