Pelosi Wants Media To Do Better Job Selling Dem Agenda

If there was any doubt whether the media is the propaganda arm of the democ.. socialist party, this clip of Pelosi from today should put it to rest. When a reporter asked the House Spokeswoman if she thinks dems should work harder to sell their out of control spending agenda, the old hag sternly replied, ‘you all [media] could do a better job’.

Listen to it again, Pelosi isn’t asking them, she’s telling them to push the lies and propaganda harder. There’s no question the media works for these SOB’s, this is garbage right out of 1984 or any other authoritarian story with state controlled media. Pres Trump rightly called them the Enemy of the People, they’re horrible playing a role in the systematic destruction of this country. Sad thing (if you can say that) is they think when SHTF they’ll be protected! NO THEY WON’T.

State media needs to be burned to the ground.