Leaked DHS Docs Reveal Biden Released Over 70,000 Illegals Since Aug!

Someone within DHS leaked documents showing the illegitimate regime released at least 70,000 illegal aliens, NOT “migrants”, into the US since August 2021 (31,977 were paroled, that actually gives them temporary legal status + 39,630 who were released on their own recognizance). But wait it gets better, another 94,570 NTR’s (Notice to Report) have been cut loose since March!!

Lying regime members (Psaki, Mayorkas etc) have repeatedly gone on record this was not the case, that many “migrants” were being turned away or deported, but the numbers don’t lie nor do the men and women in DHS who HATE what these progressive monsters are doing to this country.

Those involved, including the fool occupying the oval office, are breaking multiple federal laws! It’s too bad we have NO ONE willing to do what’s necessary, start arresting individual high up in govt to stop this.

Progressives are hell-bent to wreck this country, collapsing all its systems with illegal immigration as the driving force, because they THINK when the dust settles they’ll be standing tall to “build back better” under their socialist/marxist dream with 100% of your support.