8 Million Obamacare Signups Is More Like 2 Million

The regime bragged tirelessly they had over 8 million obamacare new signups but the numbers don’t lie where 74% of them already had insurance. The data coming out will continue to prove all the lies this regime pushed to get 0 re-elected defrauding the American people. If any company were to make outlandish claims that weren’t true which resulted in an economic loss to its customers they would have been sued. For whatever reason the US govt can lie to the people cost them millions for a “product” that is broken and not be held responsible! It’s no wonder so many pursue a lifetime career in politics they are insolvent when they commit fraud!

But hey all you folks out there that lost your crappy insurance should be happy. You senior citizens finally have pediatric vision coverage and single gay men finally have maternity care! You think obamacare was a bad law wait until they DC destroyers ram amnesty through!